Framingham, Massachusetts

CORI Information

In keeping with the Archdiocesan policy regarding Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI), Saint Bridget School requires that all adults who volunteer at school fill out a CORI form each School year to be submitted to the Office of Volunteer Resources of the Archdiocese.

This process includes all those who are involved with the children in any way. For example:

        • Lunch volunteers
        • Parents/guardians/family members who help out in the classroom (reading, math, etc.) at any time
        • Chaperones on any field trips (Since it is not possible to anticipate when these field trips will take place, and some time is needed to process the forms, a form should be filled out ASAP.)

We will keep a list for reference of those who submitted a form.  Again, a CORI FORM MUST be re-submitted each and every year. 

In addition, all potential volunteers must sign up with the Rectory for the seminar, “Protecting God’s Children.” This course needs to be taken only once—not each year.

CORI Forms are not mailed to individuals; they must be picked up at the school.

Specific Procedures:

        • When the CORI form has been filled out it must be presented in person to the individual designated to verify CORI information.
        • Each employee and volunteer must provide a government issued photographic identification to verify his/her identity (MA license, US Passport, etc.). This will be duplicated and kept on file.
        • All information must be filled in (the last six numbers of your SSN are required ).
        • The person verifying identity must document the type of ID presented and sign the CORI form.

Opportunities to submit CORI forms will be available at all opening of school functions; Visiting Day, First PTO Meeting,  and at the Open House at the end of September. Forms will always be available at the school office.