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Saint Bridget School Hot Lunch Program Updates!!

The kids are really enjoying all of the options and Foodie Café (see below for information about Foodie Cafe and Daniel’s Table) has become an amazing partner to SBS.  As with any new program we are constantly assessing and making some adjustments to the process and procedures.

Here are the answers to the main questions we are receiving from our SBS families:

What happens if my child forgets his lunch?

We will have peanut butter and jelly and cheese on hand to make your child a lunch at no cost.  If this becomes a regular occurrence we will contact you.

What happens if my child is not on the list? 

Your original order form is available at each lunch.  We will check the order form and make any necessary adjustments.  If your child was supposed to get hot lunch, it will be provided as ordered.  If your child did not order on that day and has no lunch, a peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwich will be provided.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE A COPY OF YOUR ORDER FORM EACH MONTH BEFORE YOU SEND IT BACK IN.

What if my child is absent? 

Due to the fact that and outside vendor is providing lunch, we will not be able to reimburse you for days your child is absent.  Feel free to pass the lunch onto a sibling.

Who do I contact with questions?

We have set up an email for communications about the Lunch Program.  This can also be found on the website.  For questions please email

How do Credits work?

After working through some of the kinks, several families have a credit (due to snow days or days when we did not have school and you ordered due to our mistake).  All families with those credits will be issued, via email, a credit voucher with the exact amount of your credit.  This amount needs to be used for your next month’s order.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding.  We are thrilled with the new Hot Lunch Program and will continue to work to make it a success.

Here is how the new Lunch Program will work:

  1. There will be 3 different options for lunch each day.
  2. Lunches can ONLY be ordered by the month. You may order for as many days as you would like (ie: once a week, twice a week etc.), but orders will only be placed and paid for by the month.
  1. Lunches cost $4.00 for one and $ 1.50 for an extra entrée. One dollar of every lunch will go to Daniel’s Table and parents can request a tax letter at the end of the year for the sum total of their lunch donation.
  1. All orders will be placed on a paper form. You will choose your lunches, and add up the total cost for the month and write a check for the entire month’s lunch.  All checks should be made payable to Foodie Café and must be attached to the order.  Both the forms and the calendar for lunch will be available on our website at “My SBS, “Hot Lunch Information”.  Please use one order form per child.  However, you may submit one check for all the children in your family.  Families with multiple children please submit all your forms bundled together.
  1. Orders must be placed by the designated deadline – NO EXCEPTIONS. If we receive your order after the deadline, it will be returned to you.  October  ORDER  is due by Thursday October 27th.
  1. There can be no substitutions, special orders or special requests
  2. If your child forgets their lunch, there will be peanut butter/jelly or a cheese sandwich provided.
  3. For questions, please email
  4. Please remember to keep a copy of your order so that you remember what you ordered each week.



**The owners of Foodie Cafe in Framingham, MA are also the founders of Daniel’s Table.  Two years ago they started with, what many believed, the crazy idea of ending hunger in Framingham. Today their aggressive effort to help feed the hungry has turned into a growing community of supporters who are committed to solving the hunger problem in Framingham.  To date, Daniel’s Table, through Foodie Café, serves  2000+ free meals every month to those in need. This makes Daniel’s table one of the largest provider of hot meals in Framingham.  For every child they feed there are 5 more that go to bed hungry.   By partnering with Foodie Café, Saint Bridget School’s Hot Lunch Program will help fund Daniel’s Table and help end hunger in Framingham.  Additionally, we are thrilled that this partnership works so well with our school Mission – to nurture social responsibility and Christian values in a challenging world.