Framingham, Massachusetts


IMG_6746The goal of Saint Bridget School technology curriculum is to prepare students with digital-age skills they need to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities. Emphasis is placed on:

        • using digital technology, communication tools and/or networks appropriately to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and share information.
        • using technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate, collaborate, communicate, and produce information.
        • developing  a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information.

Students  in grades two through eight have computer class in a lab setting once a (12)

        • Elementary students (Grs. 2-5)  are introduced to the inside and outside components of computers and the various functions of computers. Students begin typing skills in grade two and three. Students in grades three, four, and five learn to utilize Microsoft Office applications for classroom projects.
        • Middle School students (Grs. 6-8) enhance their skills by integrating projects from other academic areas into the more advanced Office topics in word processing, spreadsheets, multi-media presentations, and database concepts.
        • 7th grade students are introduced to the history of the Internet with hands-on experience using HTML and WYSIWYG web site creation.
        • 8th grade students are introduced to concepts in computer programming and advanced skills in office when they “publish” their own memory book and DVD at the end of the school year.DSCN4453

Computer Technology with Mrs. Austin.