Framingham, Massachusetts

Kindergarten Program

Saint Bridget School’s Kindergarten curriculum is fully aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core Standards.

In Language Arts, we concentrate on beginning reading and writing skills using the Scott Foresman Reading Program.  Through songs, poems, stories, and workbooks we work on skills to build these pre-literacy skills.  Students practice the sounds, reading, and writing in Daily journals, Reading Response Journals, and Poetry Books.

Language Arts objectives:

        • Identifying upper and lowercase letters and sounds
        • Writing upper and lowercase letters
        • Track print left to right, top to bottom
        • Rhyming
        • Retell and recall parts of a story
        • Identifying high-frequency words
        • Begin using inventive spelling
        • Short vowel sounds and word families
        • Writing simple sentences
        • Decoding CVC words
        • Developing and understanding new vocabulary

In Religion, we help the children learn, celebrate, share, and live in our Catholic faith.  We use the text, We Believe- God Made the World by Sadlier.

Religion topics and activities:

        • God Gives Us Many Gifts(light, water, land, animals)
        • God is Our Creator (people, us, family, friends)
        • Jesus Shows Us God’s Love(Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and love)
        • Jesus Wants Us to Share God’s Love (Baptism, Church, prayer)
        • Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Saints
        • Simple prayers
        • Weekly Mass and School Masses for Holy Days

In Math, we provide explicit, systematic instruction using Progress in Math by Sadlier-Oxford.  Through hands-on, interactive lessons we guide instruction to meet the needs of our students, emphasizing vocabulary and problem solving skills.

Mathematics objectives:

        • Sorting
        • Geometry and patterns
        • Positions
        • Numbers 0-31
        • Graphing, Tables, and Fractions
        • Addition/Subtraction Readiness
        • Money(pennies, nickels, dimes)
        • Time(calendar, days, seasons, time to the hour)

In Social Studies, we use the Scholastic “Let’s Find Out” booklets and other academic resources to focus on topics such as holidays and celebrations around the world.  We read about and discuss important people and helpers.  We spend a lot of time learning about friends, families, and the similarities and differences in each other.

In Science, we learn about topics that help us discover our world and the things around us.  Some topics we cover include apples, pumpkins, seeds and plants, penguins, butterflies, seasons and weather, living and non-living things, nutrition, and the five senses.

Beyond the academics:

        • We work on fine and gross motor skills to help with pencil grasp, cutting, drawing, writing, and better control of our bodies for sitting, running, jumping, and skipping.
        • We teach and reinforce social skills such as raising hands to speak, taking turns speaking, sharing information, working in groups without distracting others, and listening and following directions.