Framingham, Massachusetts

Pre-K Schedule

Arrive in the classroom, organize belongings:

        • Hang up jackets and backpacks on labeled hooks and place lunch boxes in labeled cubbies
        • Place folders in a designated place (Folders are an important way in which families and teachers communicate on a daily basis)
        • Pick up morning work, and/or select a book to read

To officially begin our day, the entire school comes together in:

        • School prayer
        • Pledge of Allegiance
        • A patriotic song and announcements
        • After prayer, the children complete any morning work

The class comes together for Circle Time, which is where we:

        • Discuss our day
        • Complete calendar and weather– including days of the week & months of the year
        • Sing songs
        • Discuss our Letter of the Week
        • Read stories related to current themes (Science and Social Studies) and have group discussions

Our Circle breaks into more formal activities:

        • Learning Centers (Art, Math, Language Arts, Fine Motor)
        • Group activities and/or independent practice
        • Break for snack
        • Specials (Gym, Library, Music, Art) or Mass occur during this time
        • Break for recess before lunch

After lunch we:

        • Rest
        • Read stories
        • Free Play
        • Complete journals
        • Clean and pack up
        • Recess (weather permitting)
        • Dismissal