Framingham, Massachusetts

Arts (Music and Visual)

Music Program

Our music program strives to foster an appreciation for the various genres of music, an understanding of basic music theory, symbols and reading, and to develop a basic knowledge of music history.

Specific Topics and Skills Taught:

KI and Kindergarten:

        • students learn to identify rhythm instruments and their sounds.
        • students are introduced to rhythm through basic movement, clapping and dancing activities
        • students learn songs through learning notes.

Grades 1st and 2nd

        • students learn how to build the musical staff, the parts of a note, and notes themselves (quarter, half, whole)
        • students explore rhythm patterns through movement activities, listening, and music history
        • students become familiar with their sacramental music
        • both class levels continue to study musical symbols and note reading exercise

Grades 3rd – 5th

        • are introduced to playing instruments, such as the xylophone, rhythm sticks, and recorder.
        • study note reading, time signatures, note values, music terminology
        • study at least one musical period, composer and a sample of that music (opera, ballet, musicals

Grades 4th – 5th

        • begin American composers and their songs
        • begin harmony singing

Grades 6th -7th 

        • continue their study of American and other composers, and  periods and styles of music
        • develop their music theory background, through music terminology, note reading,  writing music and scale building.
        • continue the use of rhythm study, through the usage of rhythm sticks, and duet patterns
        • Harmony singing will be encouraged.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program give students foundation in the artistic elements of value, color, shape, form, line, space and texture.  Students are introduced to the principles of contrast,  rhythm, unity, emphasis, pattern, movement, and balance. They are challenged to design and compose using a variety of media and to deepen their knowledge of art history and theories.

Specific Topics and Skills Taught:DSCN4808


        • develop cutting, pasting and color identification skills
        • follow directions through a multiple task project
        • develop an understanding of following design of composition

Grades 1-2

        • develop and focus on drawing and sketching skills
        • develop an understanding of the principles and elements of design in visual art
        • introduced to the fundamentals of art history and art appreciation

Grades 3-8

        • develop drawing and sketching skills
        • develop a further understanding of the principles and elements of design in visual art
        • integrate art history with design skills using a variety of media