Framingham, Massachusetts
Christmas Gala Tickets and Donations

Christmas Gala Tickets and Donations

Thank you for being part of the Saint Bridget Community Christmas Gala.  Here you can purchase tickets to attend the event, buy a ticket for a teacher to attend, or make a cash donation.  Tickets are $75.00 each, a teacher sponsorship is $50 and you can make a cash donation in various denominations.

You can pay for all 3 types of purchases at once, but you must put them in your shopping cart one at a time and then click “Continue Shopping” to come back to the page to purchase additional items.  Once you are finished shopping, you can click “checkout” and it will take you to the page to purchase all of your items with  a credit card.

Purchase your tickets here. 

Would you like to pay for a teacher to attend? 

We hope you will be coming, but if you cannnot attend we hope you will make a donation.